Fusto Collection

Concrete Domestic Landscape

Fusto is the column that supports tables, consoles, bookcases, and pedestals. Volumes and proportions are integrated into a timeless geometry, enriched by facets that make colors vibrate in a play of lights and shadows.

Fusto is eternal architecture.

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Euclide Collection

Minimalism, lightness, strength.

The study of structure transforms the material into a stylistic symbol free from its physical weight and perceptions. Simple forms, through a strong stylistic research, craftsmanship, and the uniqueness of the material, become furnishing elements of eternal beauty."

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Abecedario Collection

The beginning of a concrete alphabet

Various designers, each with their own letter, collaborate on the creation of a concrete alphabet that will give life to an authentic language.

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Flipper Collection

Flipper is free interpretation, it is creativity

Three cylindrical concrete modules with varying heights and rounded edges form the supporting structure of ever-changing furniture accessories. Flipper is more than a modular system. Flipper is free interpretation, it's creativity.

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