Forma&Cemento Concrete Furniture on Show at EDIT Napoli 2022

Four new letters have been presented at Edit Napoli 2022:

the idea behind the Abecedario Colleciton, presented last year at Edit Napoli 2021, is that different designers collaborate, each with their own letter, in the drafting of a concrete alphabet that gives life to an authentic language. Gabriele De Chirico, Alessandro Gorla, Tsukasa Goto and Gae Avitabile are the designers who designed the new letters, respectively D, E, F, and G of the Abecedario Collection, bringing the graphemes from 3 to 7. These graphemes, which are added to A, B and C designed by Marialaura Irvine, mark the evolution of this collection, whose common denominator, which supports the single materiality of the pieces, is the workmanship.
Each stool or coffee table is made by the extrusion of a two-dimensional shape in which the concrete is pured, embellished by the texture and color. Each unique and recognizable "sign" materializes in a piece of furniture rich in meaning.

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