What material is used for your products?
Are Forma&Cemento products suitable for outdoor applications?
Can I customize Forma&Cemento products to match my design preferences?
Can Forma&Cemento products be used in wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens?
Does Forma&Cemento offer samples or swatches for customers to review before making a purchase?
What measures does Forma&Cemento take to ensure sustainability in its production processes and materials sourcing?

We produce all our products in UHPC (Ultra-High Performance Concrete), a high-performance cementitious mortar that, combined with our design work, allows us to minimize thickness and make the concrete "lightweight." Cement combined with fiberglass and sand from the Tiber River forms the basis of every F&C branded product.

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All our products can be used outdoors as they are treated with a special high-performance breathable polyurethane finish that makes the material resistant to water and stains.

Every product in our catalog can be customized in both color and dimensions. Our team of engineers and designers is at the service of our clients to assess the feasibility of each customization and provide tailored designs. In addition to this, we also offer a comprehensive 360° assistance service for the creation of bespoke pieces!

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Absolutely! Every product we make can be used both in the bathroom and in the kitchen. In addition to our coverings, suitable for any environment (including shower enclosures), we also custom-make sinks and shower trays for our clients.

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On our website, you can order our "Color Collection Display" containing 12 hexagonal tiles in 12 different colors. Purchase your sample set or request the tile in the color of your choice.


In addition to the extended lifespan of our concrete products, which inherently offsets the CO2 emissions generated during their production, it's important to mention that our production process embodies a commitment to sustainability through a fully closed cycle. Waste generated from one production phase seamlessly transitions into raw material for another product, while all our materials are locally sourced, thereby minimizing CO2 emissions from transportation.

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