Unique Features


Our concrete products are manufactured by hand using a traditional mix of aggregates, sand and cement. Sometimes, the aggregates may be visible within the surface enhancing the natural and unique texture of the material.

Surface Colour Variation

The different materials mixed together to create concrete can cause colour variations on the surface . These peculiar variations in tone and texture make the material naturally unique.

Bug Holes

During the casting process some air could be trapped within the concrete and it can sometimes cause small holes within the surface. These holes can vary in size and they add to the texture a distinctive aesthetic.


Since concrete is cast in its liquid state, sometimes some tectural flow lines can be visible on the surfaces. This feature tends to be more visible when casting curved or tall vertical surfaces and is another typical characteristic of concrete.


Small, fine cracks on the surface of the concrete products are very common and they do not impact their structural quality or performance. Each piece is subjected to an accurate quality check to insure durability and stability.

Edge patination

Some concrete pieces require two-part moulds to be made. The junction between the two molds can result in a different texture around the edges. This method creates a more raw, distinguished texture.