Giorgio La Corte


Engineer by education, dreamer by nature, Giorgio La Corte founded Forma&Cemento to combine the two identities. Born and raised in Sicily, Rome is the city that welcomed and “adopted” him more than 20 years ago. It is in Rome that Forma&Cemento’s adventure begins, with the aim to exalt concrete for the aesthetic qualities of the material as well as its technical qualities: a production in tune with the changing times that combines sustainability, elegance and durability.

Marialaura Rossiello Irvine

Creative Director

Graduated in architecture in Naples under Riccardo Dalisi. From the poetry of design and a deep respect for tradition and history, in 2000 she was catapulted into the capital of italian design for a master in strategic design at the Politecnico.

Concreteness became a challenge, marketing, communication and strategy the keynote. For a number of years she collaborated with italian design brands, and grew
accustomed to consider the product within a comprehensive corporate process. Then, after meeting James Irvine, she moved on tiptoe into a different, british atmosphere.

In 2011 she became a partner of his firm, where industrial products were the throbbing heart of design. Today Marialaura runs studio Irvine and works with clients such as Muji, Amorim, Yamakawa, Matteo Brioni, Offecct.

Gabriele De Chirico

Forma&Cemento Studio

Born in Rome in 1995. In 2019 Gabriele graduated in "Industrial Design" at "La Sapienza" University of Rome with a thesis focused on the use of new eco-materials entitled "Designing with materials: natural fibers with Eco-design ". In 2020 he concluded the Master in "Product Design & Made in Italy" at the "Quasar Institute for Advanced Design" University in Rome, graduating with honors.

Jacopo Ciucci Colli

Forma&Cemento Studio

Born in Rome in 1996, Jacopo graduated in Industrial Design at La Sapienza and he completed his education with a Master Degree in Product Design & Made in Italy at Quasar University in Rome. Over the years, alongside his activity as a Designer, he deepens the scope of Project Development in various Startups and emerging brands. Since 2018 he has been part of Arc-Ink, a multidisciplinary agency active in the field of international super-luxury where he works in architectural projects and high-profile collections.

Simone Bartolucci

Born in Città di Castello in 1984, while studying Industrial Design at La Sapienza university in Rome he starts working as a designer in “design trasparente”, a company that produces methacrylate objects. Some of his projects are included in the product catalogue.

He is co-founder of paula design studio, where he works until 2016.

He gains his degree in industrial design and collaborates in the artisanal workshop of Roberto Baffigo, specialised in the production of jewellery in composite materials and precious metals.

Valerio Ciampicacigli

Thanks to his international experience, which matured in the fields of Industrial Design, Interior Design, advertising, and communication, Ciampicacigli brings forward a design approach which combines tradition, creativity, and problem solving. Paula design studio is featured in numerous publications (Monitor - Russia, Ad - Italy, Elle - Italy, Icon - Uk) and has taken part to important events in the most famous design venues: Milan furniture fair (2008-2009), London tent (2010) and Vitra design museum (2010).

Laura Mochi Onori

Born in Rome in 1986, Laura graduated in Eu architecture from La Sapienza University of Rome in 2012 and specialised in home decoration at Central Saint Martins in London. Admitted to the order of Architects of Rome and province, she collaborated with several architectural firms in roments in the most famous design venues: Milan furniture fair (2008-2009), London tent (2010) and Vitra design museum (2010).

Gaia Rebecchini

Born in Washington in 1988, Gaia lives between Rome, Washington, Paris and New York.
She followed her graduation in Eu architecture from la Sapienza University of Rome with an academic year at the New York Institute of Technology, graduating in 2012. Admitted to the order of architects of Rome and province, she works in architecture and exhibitions.

Lorenzo Rebecchini

Born in rome in 1990, lorenzo lives between rome, paris, and london.

He graduated in 2011 in industrial design from IED Rome and in 2012 obtained a Master of Arts in Product design from London metropolitan university. He worked for two years in the expand design Ltd. Studio.

In 2015 he became junior production manager at David Gill gallery in London, where he works with designers, architects, and artists of international renown.

Emiliano Scotti

Born in Rome, he graduated in 2004 in architecture from la Sapienza University of Rome specializing in urban design. He then joined the teaching staff of the Valle Giulia school of architecture in Rome. Emiliano moved to Barcelona from 2005 to 2010 to work with the OAB (Office for architecture in Barcelona) together with architect Carlos Ferrater and then returned to Italy as project manager of the studio of Massimilano Fuksas in Rome.

He founded his own studio in 2013 specialising in urban development projects, Interior and Industrial design.